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Scent can bypass the conscious mind...Meditation tips, part 2

Last time I shared some ideas to quiet (or redirect) the mind so it will be helpful while meditating. Essential oils are powerful in that they bypass the conscious mind.  That's why they are so effective in helping us achieve states of relaxation and focus.  

You can use them by opening the bottle and taking a "whiff". You can put drop on your pillow, on your upper chest or on a tissue, gently inhaling the scent.   

Here are some suggestions: 

Lavendar:  Grandmotherly Love, relaxation, helps us take a deep breath.

Elixir of Balance (one of the QuietStar Synergies by Ariana):  Using the sacred herbs of the Americas, sage, cedar and lavendar brings balance and harmony into the system.  This balance helps to open and align our chakras and clear out any debris that is lurking, bringing us more present for our meditation. 

Creative Urge (also Ariana's): Opens the creative, sexual center of the body.  Since this is our 2nd chakra, it can help us get out of our head and into our body.  The soul LOVES to create!

Patchouli: A powerful, spiritual oil.  Used for aeons as a way to connect with Spiritual energies, not only do we have the immediate effect as it touches our primitive self, but we can also connect with all the times/places it is being used right now to connect.  (Please use the REAL thing...not that dreadful synthetic. Ask me sometime to tell you my personal conversion from patchouli-avoidant to patchouli-loving).  We have some really yummy Patchouli at QuietStar right now!

Empath Oil (a blend created by QuietStar folks).  A spritz can help you to let go of everything you have taken on in your (ill-advised) desire to "help".  Come back into your own body, connect with your own soul. 

Here is a great (very detailed!) article about how the oils work...Enjoy!  

If you'd like to sample the oils, just c'mon by QuietStar during our open hours (Wed-Fri 12 -2 and beyond, and before events).  Call us at 805-783-2662 to arrange a time convenient for you!  

Love and Light, Elaina Geltner


What's my mind up to now?? 5 tips for engaging the mind to create inner peace. 

Last night, at the first meditation class, I noticed a theme.  When asked why they came, everyone wanted to get their minds to hush up!  These days, so many of us have VERY busy minds. 

So here's the first thing...telling it to shut up is not usually the best approach, although we've all tried that. The more you tell it to shut up, the more it has to say!  Instead, it "just" needs a new job.  Well, first you create the new job, then it needs re-training, through our persistent efforts!  

Here are some ideas:

1.  Ask your mind to watch your breath.  Is it different temperatures as it comes in and out? Can you get your breath all the way down to your toes?  

2.  Ask your mind to remind you of all the times (or a place where) you have felt relaxed, focused, connected to Spirit or something of the sort.  You know, it's the law of attraction.  If you can get your mind to think of those times, pretty soon you'll be relaxed, focused, connected.  You get the idea!

3. Use your mind to clear your chakras.  Using a map of the chakras as a guide, imagine breathing into each chakra, breathing in a quality you want more of.  

4.  Count your breath or your pulse.  

5.  Count down from 10 to 1 imagining you are stepping down beautiful stairs into a peaceful garden. 

Next time: how scent can bypass your conscious mind to create the energy you desire.

Until then....Love and Light, Elaina 



Meditation: I used to think I "did it wrong"; but now...

I have been meditating forever, it seems. In my Master’s program in Transpersonal Psychology many years ago, a teacher asked: “Who meditates ‘wrong’?” Everyone raised their hand!  What I’ve discovered is that any meditation is surely better than no meditation, and I don’t think there is a “wrong” way to do it! 

The trick is to find out which techniques you like enough to do on a regular basis! I’ve been working with this, and have come up with a menu of techniques to satisfy some of those objections… If your mind needs to “help”, we’ve got things for it to do, Don’t worry if you can’t sit still...moving  meditation might be for you.  Essential oils go directly to the primitive brain and can create relaxation and spiritual connection without the conscious mind.

I believe in this time of profound change and awakening, that our ability to connect with Spirit and our deep Selves is crucial for us to follow the urgings of our Souls.  

For the first time, this Summer, I will be offering this meditation course designed for any level of experience. Hope you can join us! 

Love and Light, Elaina

Link to registration

Link to more information


The HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course: How it Came to Be

Musings of Elaina Geltner...

I was pondering the upcoming HigherSelf course and remembered how much fun it was to create it!  Back in those days, I wasn’t even “the channel”.  My then-partner, Stuart, channel for the Solari Group, was the channel while I wrangled the logistics and facilitated the group exercises and writing assignments.  I had taken many mediation, spiritual and personal growth courses of the years, and together with Spirit, Stuart and I created the first HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course in Lanikai, Hawaii (Oahu) in 1990.  So, in co-creation with Spirit, we came up with concepts, questions, meditations and exercises for the class.  We were so delighted when they worked!  People found a deep connection to their HigherSelf and were able to access guidance directly. 

Probably my favorite part was all the love we felt as we called in the HigherSelves of everyone in the group!  The love was palpable ~ you could feel this circle of unconditional love surrounding the group.  I could “see” the vibration in the room rising higher and higher.  After the foundation was set with clear HigherSelf connections and the presence of the Angels, we invited in the Spirit Guides.  I still remember the party I could see “them” having. They were so excited that “their humans” could now experience them directly!

So now, 23 years and hundreds of HigherSelf students later, that celebration is still so much fun for all of us! Some things have changed:  Stuart has gone on to do other work; I am now a vocal channel; QuietStar is in San Luis Obispo; we’ve added Yvonne Roza as a facilitator; HigherSelf is even taught through tele-seminars.  And we’ve divided the original 12-week course into HigherSelf 1 and 2.  But the basic “curriculum” remains the same:  we start by building a clear connection with the HigherSelf as a foundation; do the inner work to clear out the interference, develop a daily spiritual practice, then connect with our team of non-physical helpers.

I consider this Course to be one of the greatest gifts I have been given to share.  I am honored to be part of this process with every class that comes together.  Each group is always so different!  I can’t wait to see what the next one is like!


Love and Light, Elaina Geltner


The 4P's of New Motherhood: Patience, Presence, Possibilities & Pause - by Kathryn Brewer

Close friends of mine just had a baby—bringing forth an amazing new Being on this planet.  This picture of Everly captures the joy of beginning the journey of life on Earth.  Those of us who are aware of the energetic changes since 12/21-23/12, and who are working toward a new society of Oneness and abundance for all are both the infant new humanity, and the mother of that infant.  It’s been over six months since Birth2012, and we are now at the stage where a mother’s hormones are beginning to come back into balance, and the feelings of one’s world being turned upside down are settling into acceptance.  The analogy offers some suggestions for how best to navigate this time in our collective and personal lives. 

PATIENCE:  There is a Rune (Jera/Harvest) about which Ralph Blum says, “There is no way to push the river; equally you cannot hasten the harvest.  Be mindful that patience is essential for the recognition of your own process, which in its season leads to the harvest of the self.”  There is another saying I have on my wall:  Patience in the present, Faith in the future, Joy in the doing.  We are embodying the new energies that are now available and restructuring our whole human being.  In transformation the energy always comes first, then a shift in consciousness/belief, and then shifts in the outer world.  Without patience we cannot hold the trust necessary to create changes we desire.   

PRESENCE:    A new parent can experience an absorption and connection with their child beyond any they have experienced before.  They are totally present with this new Being, and all other concerns or projects or thoughts are nonexistent for those moments.  The guidance that the infant receives and the response to its needs set the template for that Being’s life. We are now setting the template for the future of humanity.  One of the greatest factors that damages a child of an alcoholic or drug addicted mother is the lack of emotional presence.  The child feels abandoned (our greatest fear) even when the parent is physically present, and the brain neurons that produce attachment and bonding are not developed.  In the extreme this creates what is labeled Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Our newly developing Universal Selves need as much of our focused attention as we can muster.  Constantly asking ourselves what we really need, what message our life experience is giving us now, and what attitudes to hold that would sustain and nurture our new Being will make the evolutionary journey much gentler, and increase the unfolding of our possibilities.

POSSIBILITIES:  A new infant brings such joy, and a part of that is because we are opened to touching in to the realm of unlimited possibility.  We dream of all that could be in the future for this child and therefore in our lives as well.  The last Rune (Odin/The Unknowable) asks, “For how can you exercise control over what is not yet in form?  And what is coming to be can never arise from the known.”  Envision beyond what has been present.  Understand that in each moment all possibilities are present; that whatever your mind believes limits the possibilities unless your mind moves into knowing that it does not know.  We are now creating from the purest energy of our Being if we can move beyond the fear of the unknown, pause and open to all possibilities.

PAUSE:  A new parent can be exhausted.  Rest and recharging are essential whenever there is a moment free of the demands of the dependent child.  Thomas Huebl (German mystic) calls it the Competency of Silence and sees it as one of the two keys to authentic awakening and evolution.  A practice(s) that allows you to enter your stillpoint (the place beyond mental knowing into universal knowing), your Essence, and connect with Source and the life force is imperative to bring the “juice” and nurturing necessary for the journey toward becoming our transformed, transmuted, possible Universal Self.