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Scent can bypass the conscious mind...Meditation tips, part 2

Last time I shared some ideas to quiet (or redirect) the mind so it will be helpful while meditating. Essential oils are powerful in that they bypass the conscious mind.  That's why they are so effective in helping us achieve states of relaxation and focus.  

You can use them by opening the bottle and taking a "whiff". You can put drop on your pillow, on your upper chest or on a tissue, gently inhaling the scent.   

Here are some suggestions: 

Lavendar:  Grandmotherly Love, relaxation, helps us take a deep breath.

Elixir of Balance (one of the QuietStar Synergies by Ariana):  Using the sacred herbs of the Americas, sage, cedar and lavendar brings balance and harmony into the system.  This balance helps to open and align our chakras and clear out any debris that is lurking, bringing us more present for our meditation. 

Creative Urge (also Ariana's): Opens the creative, sexual center of the body.  Since this is our 2nd chakra, it can help us get out of our head and into our body.  The soul LOVES to create!

Patchouli: A powerful, spiritual oil.  Used for aeons as a way to connect with Spiritual energies, not only do we have the immediate effect as it touches our primitive self, but we can also connect with all the times/places it is being used right now to connect.  (Please use the REAL thing...not that dreadful synthetic. Ask me sometime to tell you my personal conversion from patchouli-avoidant to patchouli-loving).  We have some really yummy Patchouli at QuietStar right now!

Empath Oil (a blend created by QuietStar folks).  A spritz can help you to let go of everything you have taken on in your (ill-advised) desire to "help".  Come back into your own body, connect with your own soul. 

Here is a great (very detailed!) article about how the oils work...Enjoy!  

If you'd like to sample the oils, just c'mon by QuietStar during our open hours (Wed-Fri 12 -2 and beyond, and before events).  Call us at 805-783-2662 to arrange a time convenient for you!  

Love and Light, Elaina Geltner