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Soul Path AlignmentTM Cards

The Cards: The symbols began to come to Elaina while doodling on notes in a meeting. They developed into a powerful tool, inspired by Spirit, vibrationally coded to create changes in the DNA, the personality, the environment and the energy underlying life situations. They are for awakening, letting go and transforming the blocks you encounter on your Soul Path. They do not have names or interpretations: the shifts happen beyond the conscious mind. There are 2 sets:  in the set: black and white images to be used as they are or personalized with watercolor or colored pencils. They come with complete instructions, and are available direct from QuietStar.

How they work: “We are not trying to change your mind.  We are trying to shift your vibration!” (from The Spirit of QuietStar through Elaina).  If you want an extra boost use Ariana’s Transformational oils or the Quietstar CD.  You can also use them in these ways:

  • If you are working on a project; ask your HigherSelf/your guidance to assist you in picking and coloring a card.  Allow yourself to find a way to do this that feels right to you.  Personalize this mandala just for this project.  You might like to try glitter glue, paint or….
  • As a daily oracle:  what energy do I need today?  Pick a card, enjoy the energy.
  • To help with daily writing, pick one using the instructions above, and keep looking at it as you do your writing/journaling.
  • In HigherSelf to HigherSelf meditation.  Hold the symbol in your mind as you send love and light to another person.  Do not SEND the symbol.  It is for you to align your energies.

The instructions: Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Relax. Center yourself. Use aninvocation or prayer to connect with your Helpers. State an intention. Choose the card you are most drawn to. Gaze at it with a relaxed focus. Let go of your mind and what it thinks this card is. Allow it towork with you. Observe and surrender to your experience. Take all the time you need. You may want to record your experience in your journal.

Personal Soul Path Alignment™ Symbols
A symbol can be created just for you by Elaina through email or with a phone consultation.
Contact Elaina by email or call 805-783-2662. Fees start at $25.