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Journey across America: It's All Part of the Adventure!

Report from the Front: Day 1 of our great adventure.

Getting on a plane oh-so-early, we head to Virginia to pick up our new Sprinter Camper/Bike Garage. Greeted by a snowstorm at the airport in Philly! It's dark and snowing, and my surrender to the adventure begins.  Wondering if we will get out of the airport for our last flight to Richmond, we RUN to the gate, and it's delayed. And why did the monitors say "On Time"???  Some time later, they load us up.  The captain comes on to say we are in line for de-icing, so we relax into our books.  Ahh...we're moving.  Taxi over to see other planes being de-iced; quite a cool movie unfolds outside our window.  

And a message comes to me:  "It's all part of the Adventure!"


And I decide "Wherever and whenever we sleep tonight, I now have some great pictures for future art projects!" Here they are: 



We finally got off the ground and were met by Robert Maye, proprietor of Red Barn Bicycles, and the steward of our Van. 

Sweet Dreams to us....

and the letting go of MY plans will continue tomorrow!


Intuitive Painting!!

I've been having lots of fun painting.  Since we're having a booth at Earth Day*, I wanted to see if any of the paintings wanted to appear in public.  Alas, they do!  Two are finished as of today; more might make their debut if the Spirit moves me!  I took some pictures so you could have a preview.  Including tiny little photos in the newsletter I sent out today was fun (and a little scary!).  A new chapter for me.  Here they are: 

    Acrylic and mixed media. These are 24" x 24".

I love how totally different they are.  These are the first two I started several months ago, and they are not complete!  

Come see them at the Earth Day Fair and Music Festival.

Sunday, April 19th at El Chorro Park (Across from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, CA) .

Love and Light, Elaina


The Chrysalis State - Fall is here!

As we enter the time of Fall, it is the harvest.  Physically and Metaphysically, it is the time of looking back over what we have planted and discerning what is "done", and what to keep growing.  Every year, this is a powerful time for me of going within.  Being an early spring baby, I am happiest when my creations are bursting forth!  

This year, my fall transition is especially poignant.  After dreaming of a healing Center for so many years, we manifested it, in the physical, 11 years ago. As a gathering place for the evolution of humanity, we had works hops and classes, private sessions and creative projects as we created our spiritual family. I had such a great time imagining and creating events like the Transformational Arts Fair.  With a wonderful team of humans and spirit beings, we manifested so much.

This spring and summer, we became aware that the form was ready for a change.  With sadness and great anticipation about what will come through us next, we have moved to a smaller location, and are waiting!

Our community will become more actively global, as we reach out through Webinars, create music, books and art, and travel to offer our gifts.  But right now, the waiting!  Not my strong suit, as many of you know! I think I might have a glimpse of life in a chrysalis.  As the the caterpillar lets go of its previous form, I wonder if it, too, dreams of having wings, being free to flit from flower to flower as the pollen calls??  

But for now, it's the deep inner shifts that are taking place, and I must rest.  It is the surrender to the deep transformation, and trusting that somewhere other than in my conscious mind there resides wisdom and the template for the unfoldment of all that I and QuietStar are meant to be.  

I'd love to hear how you are sorting the wheat from the chaff and preparing for the deep accumulation that will take place in the winter.  

Love and Light, Elaina



Connecting the Web of Light-Visiting Hummingbird Community

Bob and I have just returned from a journey to the Southwest: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada.  What a great trip it was!  We were delighted to spread Light and Love all around, and bring some back with us to share here.  One of the cool things we focused on was visiting gardens and collecting food, flower and plant medicine seeds to plant back here on the Central Coast.  

I have created a photo essay of our visit.  You can check it out here (photos!). 

Here is a crystal communicator from the Hummingbird Garden that called to me.  



Whew! That's what?

We've done it.  We have cleared out the space at our old location, and are ready for "business" at the new place.  Now what?

Last night I noticed that it was dark at 8:30.  Then I realized we are only a month from Fall Equinox...time to get ready for the annual harvest.  The official time of the equinox for San Luis Obispo is Sept 22 at 7:29pm.  As we approach that time, we can begin to notice and appreciate all that has born fruit since we began planting the energies for this year's manifestations.  As we follow the earth cycles, we begin to  accumulate the energy inside at the Winter Solstice, plant seeds at the Spring Equinox, fire the energies at Summer Solstice, and harvest at Fall Equinox.  So here we are, approaching harvest time.  

As we packed and sorted, I took many trips down memory lane.  Fall ceremony has begun! I tossed out things we no longer need, and re-discovered gems that were hidden.  I revisited workshops, gatherings, transformations.  I re-experienced blissful awakenings, challenging "letting-go" times, and saw lots of smiles and tears of joy and realization in those memories.  My, we have grown! 

On September 21, we will be celebrating the Fall Equinox with a community gathering at our new space, 1248 Monterey, in the "Yard".   Check out some ideas to prepare for Fall Ceremony (with us or on your own). We'll play the Crystal bowls on our new porch and tone in the new season together.  At the fire ceremony, we will separate the "wheat from the chaff" as humans have done for so many years.  Into the fire goes all that we are done with, as we integrate and appreciate all that we have created and accomplished.  Then we'll break bread together as we share our community potluck.  

In the meantime, Bob and I will go on a journey to Colorado and New Mexico, visit the Hummingbird Community, see family and friends, and enjoy hiking, biking, and each others' company.  We'll come back rejuvenated and ready to create more bliss together. 

Love and Light, Elaina Geltner, Co-Creator of QuietStar