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QuietStar's transformation, part 2

It's true.  After 11 years, we are moving.  In fact, we are re-inventing ourselves, using the powerful transformational energies that are currently available to us.

As we let go of the old space, there is so much opportunity to step into what our souls are calling for. Here is a bit of what we are up to. (More news in future blogs). 

I (Elaina) will continue to offer Soul Path Alignment (tm) sessions in person (at the new location) and on the phone.  I LOVE doing phone sessions.  If you haven't tried one, they definitely have a different energy.  I've noticed that for some reason, phone sessions often go deeper.  And you get to do it from the comfort of your own couch!  I also continue to offer energy and vibrational healing sessions, while developing my creative side.  I am writing, painting, and enjoying growing the QuietStar plant medicine in my garden.  

Bob and I are so excited about our music and sound.  We recently gave a presentation at the UnitarianBob and the Ngoni Universalist Fellowship in Cambria (with Kathy Wensloff joining us), and are planning more ways to offer our gifts to the larger community.  Bob is loving the ngoni, which he is using to lead meditation.  I have a new harmonium that I am learning to play, so I can (one day) lead Kirtan! We have a new cd in the works, and will be travelling this summer to connect with friends and family in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. We are also developing some retreats in nature.  When, you ask?  Stay tuned!!  

Bob is excited about seeing Bowen clients in the new space, being part of all the changes, and he continues to build trails and drum! 

Kathryn continues to offer counseling sessions, classes and workshops, is writing her next book, and co-creating  the Youth Center. 

Teressena and Martien are facilitating retreats, doing sessions and tarot readings at a new space in Morro Bay, painting and leading Journeys to Sacred Sites. 

Yvonne will offer private sessions at the new QuietStar space, enjoy her time in nature and with loved ones, and continue to create newsletters and website posts for us.  

Kathy W is working with Kathryn to co-create the Youth Center, continues her practice of massage and Fresh, Raw Food Prep and Training.

We look forward to all the fun we will have.  Hope you will join us!  

Love, Light, and Harmony, Elaina Geltner



What's this we hear about QuietStar moving? 

Find us here Aug 6th and beyoneTimes they are a-changin’...and so are we!  QuietStar is re-inventing itself. After 11 years at our current location, we are taking advantage of the powerful energies of transformation that we can all feel.  We already have a new space for sessions and gatherings, and so many new opportunities to express our creativity. More Pictures on our home page.  

We promise to keep sending out newsletters, and to blog more regularly so you can keep up on all the cool things we are creating. Visit the website often to see the latest creation!

There is no end to the fun we will have!

Our friends, Lorna and Paul Teixiera have invited us to create a space for QuietStar at their beautifully renovated building that houses Body + Balance, home of Paul’s Physical Therapy practice as well as practitioners of other specialties.  Wait till you see the beautiful Zen Garden! We are moving to downtown SLO, AND getting more nature.  Don’t you love how Spirit works??

Our New Space:  in the “Yard” 1248 Monterey St (between Johnson and Toro).   Bob will continue his practice of Bowen Therapy, Elaina will continue offering Energy Sessions, Vibrational Healing and Spiritual Counseling, and Yvonne will be offering Vibrational Healing and Crystalline Consciousness sessions.  Stay tuned for the news of what’s up with with the rest of the QuietStar facilitators. To contact a specific facilitator, visit the Directory page.

Vortexes will be held in the garden or the indoor yoga space, we’ll be creating some awesome retreats around the County and creating a broader online presence thru webinars, live streaming and music you can download from your own couch.

The QuietStar Band: Encouraged by our recent presentation at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Cambria (where they were joined by Kathy Wensloff), Elaina and Bob are planning to rev up their music this fall, with new instruments, more recording and some new venues.  A new cd is also in the works.  Stay tuned! 

Upcoming Events!

Our first “official” event at our new space:

Sept 21: Autumnal Equinox Celebration and Fire Ceremony (Sunday Vortex) in the Zen Garden.  Bring your own outdoor chairs, and a potluck dish to share for this gathering of the QuietStar Community. 4pm. Carpooling recommended. 

Find us at: 1248 Monterey (in the Yard, back of building). Between Johnson and Toro (behind Body + Balance.

Art After Dark:  October 3. 6-9pm. We will be offering some of our specialties during Body + Balance’s Art After Dark.  Join us for some quiet time in the midst of downtown, on the deck in back.  It’s a great time to bring your friends by for a “taste” of QuietStar.  In the future, we will offer mini-readings and chakra balancing, as well as featuring our creative side. Oct 3: QuietStar Band (Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, Ngoni, more). 


Memorial Day...with Joy???

posted by Elaina Geltner

As a kid, I remember how I hated Memorial Day.  The sadness, the grief, the heaviness of all the adults made it so hard for me!  As I pondered  how we can use "memory" and "remembering" to create a higher-frequency cultural experience, I realized that what we choose to focus on as we are honoring and remembering makes all the difference!  So let's take this time to honor our mentors, our loved ones, and our heroes, by focusing on how they brought light and love into our lives.  

I asked Teressena if she would choose a card from their beautiful Tarot deck for this weekend, and she chose the Three of Shells ~ Celebration!  Since she and Martien are still traveling, I get to choose what to share from their book.  Here is some wisdom that jumped out at me: 

"The 3 Queens (the conch shells) are joined by trhee dolphins. The Three of Shells invites us to immerse ourselves in the emotional aspect of joy, honoring all that is around us. "

"The spiral shape of the conch represents the spiral of life and the joy that it brings." In this time of profound transformation, I need to be reminded of the natural ebb and flow, and that surrender (instead of resistance!) is what will bring me the most joy!

"Work with the creational aspects of sound, breath and water to enter into higher states of consciousness.  Your clairaudient and clairvoyant capabilities will increase as you open up to new dimensions."  

"Become the playful dolphin jumping and dancing in the sea of love.  When you choose joy and laughter in serious times, you can lift whole masses of people out of the emotion of fear instilled by the few."

It is such an honor to be on planet Earth during such powerful times.  Thank you for joining with me in holding joy and love as we remember who we are and how deeply loved we are.

Love and Light, Elaina Geltner

P.S. I am really excited about this new Tarot deck!  I have never wanted to "read" Tarot before...but ever since I met Martien and Teressena, I've been looking forward to learning this one!  The Certification course starts June 11th, and there is a 15% discount if you register early (by May 28th). 



by Kathryn Brewer. We know this is a time of great change.  Mary Manin Morrissey (Living Full Spectrum) says, “We are living in the most exciting, challenging time in history.  Our environmental and societal crises are really a spiritual crisis.  Historians will look back on the 21st Century and see it as the time of the great awakening.” 

The upcoming Resonant Circle on Wednesday, May 21st, will be focused on the Earth and our environment.  Whether it is the alert to the attempt for control and exclusionary restrictions for the internet or the unregulated, untested, destructive geoengineered chemtrails across our skies, or the drought/floods, there is plenty to raise concern in this moment of time.  We will use a protocol for energetic shifting of environmental toxins, and ask for information from the Resonant Circle we create together. 

As part of the change, we are becoming co-creators of our environment, our society.  Katharine Roske and Carolyn Anderson say it well in their The Co-Creators Handbook:  “When groups come together in a field of love, safety, and mutual trust—the creativity, power, and wisdom of each person is liberated.  The sense of separation within people that leads to war, crime, pollution, and disorder is healed. …The pyramid structure is giving way to the circle and ordinary citizens are being empowered to express their full potential.  Domination is giving way to partnership.  Outer authority is succumbing to inner knowing.  Core Groups are emerging to support and empower personal and planetary transformation.”  Resonant Circles are a key technique for our future.

There are various names for Resonant Circles such as Vistar Circles, Shift Circles, Evolutionary Circles, Conscious Communication, but they all label opportunities for people to come together into energetic resonance around a common theme and intention.  Guidelines help make it more difficult for the Ego to be in charge, and easier for each individual to speak from their Essence or highest state of being.  Participating in the circles expands and evolves you as the combined hearts create a vibrational field that opens wider channels of information and moves your perspective from personal issues to the bigger picture—including the bigger picture of who you are.  There is a ripple effect that also expands and evolves the energy available to all of humanity.  It is another gift you can give.  

In the beginning of the circle HeartMath and other tools assist you to move more into your heart space and connect with the hearts of others.  A question is then asked, and each individual allows answers to flow from their higher wisdom.  

Here is a response from one of the participants in recent circles:

"This resonant circle has allowed me to hear what my soul wants. By just being present you can heal yourself and beyond. This has been an amazing experience, finding my soul's path. Join a resonant circle and share in the healing."  D.T. 

There are two circles remaining on the schedule, Wednesdays 5/21 and 6/4.  We welcome all who feel drawn to co-create the next transformative experience.

 Basic FactsFirst and Third Wednesdays      3/19/14 to 6/4/14,     6:30 to 8:00 PM

  Cost: $10 per session


The Mother-A Meditation

by Elaina Geltner

This iris grew in my Mom's yardAs Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself pondering The Mother.  As the Archetype, as the person, as the Earth, as an energy.  As a verb:  mothering. 

It’s especially poignant to me, as I have spent the last 50+ years making sure the mother who birthed me knows that I love her.  This year it’s different as she made her transition back into Spirit a few months ago.  As we honored all that she was in her Celebration of life, I  reflect on what Mother’s Day means for me now.  Everywhere I go, there are reminders of things to buy, cards to send, places to go for brunch for Mother’s Day.  In this time of transformation, the nurturing and grounding of the Mother is more important than ever. How can we take this all to a higher frequency?

We can consider the Archetype of the Mother:  Nurturing, supportive, wanting the best for us. We’ve all had many people who have held that energy for us; and we’ve held it for our loved ones as well.  Whether or not we have physically birthed a child, we have supported others, we have created ideas, products, companies, communities, art or music. 

I invite you to create your own ceremony, your personal meditation or mandala to celebrate all the aspects of Mother.  Honor the inner Mother, the Earth Mother, your Mother, all Mothers.  Express your gratitude for all that you receive.

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Plant a flower that reminds you of her
  • Walk in nature to commune with Mother Nature
  • Create a mandala or collage with images that conjure up the Mother energy
  • Sit with your favorite music and soak in the nurturing
  • Have a play date with your inner child
  • Visit a Mother tree in the forest and notice all the offspring
  • Connect with the Moon. 
  • Honor all your creations here on Planet Earth by taking a walk down memory lane. Look through old photos and remember all that you have brought forth.
  • Do a search for Mother icons; they exist in all spiritual traditions.  Find one that resonates with you and meditate on it.


Photo by Robin Rall, QuietStar Board Member



Love and Light to all Mothers,
our Earth Mother and the Mother Energy

~Elaina Geltner, Spiritual Director,