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Activating your Light-Seed with energy of the Equinox

by Yvonne Roza

Each of us resonates a frequency that is uniquely one else has it, just like our DNA. This frequency is encoded with our "energetic DNA;" it contains our gifts, our mastery, our Soul's blueprints. Below is a meditation to activate our Light-Seed, using the energy of Spring Equinox to facilitate the blossoming of our next level of unfoldment.


Take a journey home…to your Soul’s home and breathe in the atmosphere. Breathe the energy of home.

Re-call your moment of deciding to incarnate, the energy and excitement of that moment, and become aware of the seed of light you were given to carry into life, into your Earthly body.

Feel how precious, unique and alive this light is. This seed of light vibrates with the essence of you at the level of your Soul.

Now give your awareness to your Earthly body and invite its higher vibrational nature to connect you to Earth.

Let the higher consciousness of your body show you Earth’s cycles and rhythms so that you can vibrationally experience the ebb and flow of the oceans, the wax and wane of the moon, and the seasons of the Sun…particularly the vibration of the Spring Equinox. 

Feel how all the components of spring come into optimal alignment for sprouting anew, blossoming anew, nurturing the essence of becoming; empowering the yearning of becoming.

Now, in your own special and unique way, invite, flow, dance with, or just breathe with this energy of spring to ignite the new blossoming of your light seed; activating in divine timing all that is wanting and ready to become within your Soul’s DNA. 

Witness the magic.  Witness the miracle of you, your Soul, dancing with life on Earth.  


The Beauty of Discipline

 By Kathryn Brewer

Last week I attended a valuable workshop presented by a local Marriage and Family Therapist, Stacy Guisse.  Although her title:  “Exploration Before Explanation”:  The Imaginal Approach & Intermodal Therapy Techniques forEngaging with Youth & Families, was intended for other therapists, the experience was personal and transformative.   

One of the gems I heard from Stacy was “the beauty of discipline.”  It was a perspective that released knots of tightness in my body.  As a society we tend to identify discipline with punishment—what do you feel when you remember seeing students (or yourself) sent to the school administrator in charge of discipline?  Dictionary definitions include “a systematic method to obtain obedience” and “a state of order based on submission to rules and authority”—my inner teen/rebel really loves that!  (Not!!)  No wonder we procrastinate about getting organized and “disciplined”.  Yet we know we need order in our lives to fully express ourselves in the world and to meet our daily needs.  Another definition to be found is “training that produces moral or mental improvement.”  Even that suggests that we are somehow lacking and must be improved, but it is getting closer to the view I want to adopt.  

It is known that adults establish their ability to manage themselves from the modeling and actions of their parents in setting boundaries and responding to the need for re-direction of behavior.  Children who have the benefit of conscious parenting are way ahead in self-discipline as adults, but that is another discussion.  

If we look at self-discipline as coming from the word “disciple” we can understand that self-discipline is following, honoring, trusting, believing in and learning from oneself.  So to formulate a consistent intention and follow the form it creates is not only a way to nurture oneself, but the path to transformation.  It is an axiom in the healing arts that in order to bring about change and expansion for a person, the one assisting must first meet the person where they are—to honor them as they are, to trust that a part of them knows what they need, to believe in their capacity to transform, and to engage in a mutual journey of observing and learning together.  As individuals and as humanity we are in a time of unprecedented transformation.  We are often aware that even when it seems we have an instant, significant change in our way of being, we have been preparing and prepared for a long time—even lifetimes.  

A favorite teacher of mine, Aleya Dao, in an interview shared a practice that she credits as the beginning of her success in serving more and more people.  She scheduled an appointment every week with herself to nurture herself using all the skills she shared with others.  This to me is a prime example of self-discipline.  What if you began to savor the opportunity to see what consistent practices would create health, peace, understanding, abundance (including money), joy and love?  What if you followed your chosen schedule or practice or attitude with relish?  What if you saw the beauty in your self-discipline?  I, for one, am going to try that on for size.

I would love to see your thoughts about this.  Go to my Facebook page, Kathryn Brewer, MFT, LEP to leave comments


Aspartame can mimic MS and Lupus symptoms

This is a pretty serious article about the DANGERS of something...and you know how I like to focus on the positive!  However, I feel that it's really important for everyone to know, as we pursue radiant health and vibrant life!  I have avoided aspartame for many years, and recently have discovered it in bizarre places, like the ginger packets in the brown rice sushi in one of my favorite stores.  This is the first really concise artice I have seen, so I wanted to share it with you.  
Aspartame poisoning can result in the mis-diagnosis of MS or Lupus....and the cure if it is the aspartame is very simple. 
Thanks for caring about your health and the health of the planet! 
Love and Light, Elaina Geltner


We have practice with changing our identities.  The child ballerina can move into the aspiring nurse, into the inspiring teacher, into the mother, into the grandmother world traveler, and into the wise crone.  A young soccer player puts away his shin guards, becomes the editor of the school newspaper, the inventor, a father, a global activist, and a wise mentor (either gender in any role).  We find comfort and stability in our identities.  What has been your identity journey?  Where are you now in who you tell yourself you are?  Who does the world tell you to be?

I recently entered the Transformational Author Contest, stimulating an acknowledgment within myself that I accept the identity of being an author, and one who has a message to share.  It was not automatic.  I had to vanquish all the Ego gremlins that said I was not worthy, not good enough, not experienced enough—you know the battle.  What won the battle for me was

  1. I took time to quiet my mind (I tell it to be cradled in Universal Mind and breathe in six directions—up, down, front, back, sides)
  2.  Focus in my heart (I use HeartMath)
  3. Find my deepest knowing (I visualize my Core Column of Light just in front of and attached to my spine, extending into the earth’s center and up to Source)

Then I was clear that sharing words that teach or inspire is part of who I am.    In the old perspective that would be enough.  But there is a difference in these times. 

Have you noticed that you sometimes feel blind-sided by what is happening in your life and those close to you?  Are you feeling more confusion and frustration when old methods of organizing and decision-making aren’t working?  My lists used to insure that I would get everything important done—now they often aren’t worth the scrap paper they’re written on.  Other organizing systems fall short as well.   

It is accepted by many of our world’s finest minds that we are in a time of unparalleled change—of the very earth we live on and in all our society’s systems.  Many concerned with human consciousness and the energetic matrix surrounding us agree that the foundation we have used to stabilize us and provide direction for our lives is shifting so much that we feel lost.  Old methods of centering and “getting back to ourselves” don’t do the job anymore.  Who are we now? 

Anodea Judith, in her book, Waking the Global Heart:  Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love, writes that initiations of change…"were designed to break down the smaller ego-self in order to embrace a larger web of life.  From this wider perspective, one's own life can then take on deeper meaning and purpose, one that is in alignment--and therefore in service-- to the greater whole.''  Only when I expand my identity into the multidimensional Universe, and find the unlabeled Being at my center do I move forward with calm.  Only when my basic identity is one who serves the wider evolution of humanity, the planet and the Cosmos do I trust my individual well-being and know what action to take in the moment.  We can help one another realize and practice this change, and ask not only who I really am, but who am I expecting you to be—and then let go and feel who you really are.

For further information, visit, especially the links at the bottom of the page.   For scientific discussion go to BOOK at the top of the page and then to Parent/Teacher Supplement.      


DIY Lymphatic Drainage

I love this technique!  Draining the lymphatics helps with sinus pressure, headaches, tightness in neck and head, and it's really relaxing!  I've been doing this technique for months now, and my body loves it.  I do a variation with my massage clients, and have great results. 
See the video here: Self-Lymphatic Drainage technique.  Be sure to do it as slowly and gently as she describes, as the lymphatic system responds best to light pressure. 
The lymphatic system removes toxins from the body.  So, if  you are detoxifying on purpose, or your body has decided to create its own cleansing thru a summer cold, or just feel like your energy is "stuck", this might do the trick.  The lymphatic system doesn't have its own pump like the circulatory system, so it needs stimulation through exercise and massage.

 Cellerciser-available in our online storeIf you use a rebounder (mini-trampoline), the up-and-down motion is great for the lymphatics also. 
Enjoy!   Love and Light, Elaina Geltner