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Tip for these Times: Instant Manifestation Warning...and Opportunity

Every time we gather to have a meeting or a class, I can count on Mary Hiestand's reminder that we are all Instantly Manifesting these days.  Our words have more power than ever, and I am seeing it everywhere! So that's the warning... watch what you say!  Voice what you want and release the whining and complaining to the fire, the ocean or the earth.  

And now the good news...this means we get what we want!!!  I have so many examples of this.  I think of a person and they call me or walk into QuietStar.  I realize that I need something for my new home, and someone calls me to tell me they thought I might like this..... that they are letting go of.  This new home of ours has been an amazing manifestation on all levels.  More to come about that...but for now, let me just say that your wildest dreams just might not look the way you had imagined! 

Love and Light, Elaina Geltner


Summer of Peace Kick-off June 22nd, 6pm

Summer of Peace is a global celebration of and call to action for inner & outer peace. We launch it today and it continues until 9/21/12, The International Day of Peace. The purpose is to activate the largest global commitment to peace ever seen, including millions of people worldwide, so that we can shift from a culture of violence to a culture of peace.  It's all part of the gestation period for Birth 2012 (Dec 22, 2012).  See also: Kathryn's blog, Shift Network.  Use the "Register" button on the right for more info about and to sign up for QuietStar's event on June 22nd.  (click on classes tab)


Spring of Sustainability...Summer of Peace June 22nd

From Barbara Marx Hubbard: “This is our time for each of us to activate our genius – our gift to the Shift – to co-create a world that is healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous for all.”

March 22 marked the beginning of a nine-month period of preparation that culminates on December 22 – our first Planetary Birth Day, and a day that leaders around the world are declaring Day One of a new era for human evolution. QuietStar is a hub for Birth 2012. Join us for a celebration to kick off  the “Summer of Peace”, 6-9 pm, June 22nd.  Details to be announced.


Beyond Conception Day...Spring of Sustainability

Conception Day was amazing.  We had over 20 people gathered at QuietStar to share what we want to bring to the BirthDAY of the new humanity.  We joined thousands of people in 137 countries through a live webcast video! I could really feel the connections, and the power of the synergy of all of us joining as one. The replays of the live cast should be available soon.  

Here's the next step from the Shift Network:

It’s called the Spring of Sustainability, and it features more than 100 pioneers of sustainability - Jane Goodall, Bill McKibben, Van Jones, Vandana Shiva, John Robbins, Hazel Henderson, to name a few - who will share the most cutting-edge insights and tools for creating a sustainable and thriving world. There are FREE online events to inspire you to live a greener, healthier, more spacious life and transform any frustration you may feel about the state of our planet.

Learn more at this link:

This 3-month series of virtual and live events starts on March 26th. Each weekday, you'll have the chance to listen in and learn from an inspiring sustainability leader via your phone line or computer, or access the replays at a time more convenient for you.


Join us for Planetary Birthday 2012

On 12/22/2012, to celebrate the beginning of the next cycle of humanity (after the end of many indigenous calendars), Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Shift Network and fourteen international thought leaders are co-creating a world-wide day of connection, inspiration, music, ceremony and global birth certificates to usher in a more loving, peaceful, connected way of being with one another.  Leading up to that major celebration will be Conception Day, 3/22/2012, Summer of Sustainability Day 6/22/2012, and World Peace Day 9/22/2012.

For further information

  • join us at Conception Day,** an event that kicks-off the 2012 BirthDAY event, a nine month collaboration to support the birth of a new era of humanity.
  • check out

**6-9pm Thursday, March 22nd at QuietStar. Reserve your space for Conception Day event at QuietStar here


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