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Whew! That's what?

We've done it.  We have cleared out the space at our old location, and are ready for "business" at the new place.  Now what?

Last night I noticed that it was dark at 8:30.  Then I realized we are only a month from Fall Equinox...time to get ready for the annual harvest.  The official time of the equinox for San Luis Obispo is Sept 22 at 7:29pm.  As we approach that time, we can begin to notice and appreciate all that has born fruit since we began planting the energies for this year's manifestations.  As we follow the earth cycles, we begin to  accumulate the energy inside at the Winter Solstice, plant seeds at the Spring Equinox, fire the energies at Summer Solstice, and harvest at Fall Equinox.  So here we are, approaching harvest time.  

As we packed and sorted, I took many trips down memory lane.  Fall ceremony has begun! I tossed out things we no longer need, and re-discovered gems that were hidden.  I revisited workshops, gatherings, transformations.  I re-experienced blissful awakenings, challenging "letting-go" times, and saw lots of smiles and tears of joy and realization in those memories.  My, we have grown! 

On September 21, we will be celebrating the Fall Equinox with a community gathering at our new space, 1248 Monterey, in the "Yard".   Check out some ideas to prepare for Fall Ceremony (with us or on your own). We'll play the Crystal bowls on our new porch and tone in the new season together.  At the fire ceremony, we will separate the "wheat from the chaff" as humans have done for so many years.  Into the fire goes all that we are done with, as we integrate and appreciate all that we have created and accomplished.  Then we'll break bread together as we share our community potluck.  

In the meantime, Bob and I will go on a journey to Colorado and New Mexico, visit the Hummingbird Community, see family and friends, and enjoy hiking, biking, and each others' company.  We'll come back rejuvenated and ready to create more bliss together. 

Love and Light, Elaina Geltner, Co-Creator of QuietStar


What's this we hear about QuietStar moving? 

Find us here Aug 6th and beyoneTimes they are a-changin’...and so are we!  QuietStar is re-inventing itself. After 11 years at our current location, we are taking advantage of the powerful energies of transformation that we can all feel.  We already have a new space for sessions and gatherings, and so many new opportunities to express our creativity. More Pictures on our home page.  

We promise to keep sending out newsletters, and to blog more regularly so you can keep up on all the cool things we are creating. Visit the website often to see the latest creation!

There is no end to the fun we will have!

Our friends, Lorna and Paul Teixiera have invited us to create a space for QuietStar at their beautifully renovated building that houses Body + Balance, home of Paul’s Physical Therapy practice as well as practitioners of other specialties.  Wait till you see the beautiful Zen Garden! We are moving to downtown SLO, AND getting more nature.  Don’t you love how Spirit works??

Our New Space:  in the “Yard” 1248 Monterey St (between Johnson and Toro).   Bob will continue his practice of Bowen Therapy, Elaina will continue offering Energy Sessions, Vibrational Healing and Spiritual Counseling, and Yvonne will be offering Vibrational Healing and Crystalline Consciousness sessions.  Stay tuned for the news of what’s up with with the rest of the QuietStar facilitators. To contact a specific facilitator, visit the Directory page.

Vortexes will be held in the garden or the indoor yoga space, we’ll be creating some awesome retreats around the County and creating a broader online presence thru webinars, live streaming and music you can download from your own couch.

The QuietStar Band: Encouraged by our recent presentation at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Cambria (where they were joined by Kathy Wensloff), Elaina and Bob are planning to rev up their music this fall, with new instruments, more recording and some new venues.  A new cd is also in the works.  Stay tuned! 

Upcoming Events!

Our first “official” event at our new space:

Sept 21: Autumnal Equinox Celebration and Fire Ceremony (Sunday Vortex) in the Zen Garden.  Bring your own outdoor chairs, and a potluck dish to share for this gathering of the QuietStar Community. 4pm. Carpooling recommended. 

Find us at: 1248 Monterey (in the Yard, back of building). Between Johnson and Toro (behind Body + Balance.

Art After Dark:  October 3. 6-9pm. We will be offering some of our specialties during Body + Balance’s Art After Dark.  Join us for some quiet time in the midst of downtown, on the deck in back.  It’s a great time to bring your friends by for a “taste” of QuietStar.  In the future, we will offer mini-readings and chakra balancing, as well as featuring our creative side. Oct 3: QuietStar Band (Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, Ngoni, more).