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The Chrysalis State - Fall is here!

As we enter the time of Fall, it is the harvest.  Physically and Metaphysically, it is the time of looking back over what we have planted and discerning what is "done", and what to keep growing.  Every year, this is a powerful time for me of going within.  Being an early spring baby, I am happiest when my creations are bursting forth!  

This year, my fall transition is especially poignant.  After dreaming of a healing Center for so many years, we manifested it, in the physical, 11 years ago. As a gathering place for the evolution of humanity, we had works hops and classes, private sessions and creative projects as we created our spiritual family. I had such a great time imagining and creating events like the Transformational Arts Fair.  With a wonderful team of humans and spirit beings, we manifested so much.

This spring and summer, we became aware that the form was ready for a change.  With sadness and great anticipation about what will come through us next, we have moved to a smaller location, and are waiting!

Our community will become more actively global, as we reach out through Webinars, create music, books and art, and travel to offer our gifts.  But right now, the waiting!  Not my strong suit, as many of you know! I think I might have a glimpse of life in a chrysalis.  As the the caterpillar lets go of its previous form, I wonder if it, too, dreams of having wings, being free to flit from flower to flower as the pollen calls??  

But for now, it's the deep inner shifts that are taking place, and I must rest.  It is the surrender to the deep transformation, and trusting that somewhere other than in my conscious mind there resides wisdom and the template for the unfoldment of all that I and QuietStar are meant to be.  

I'd love to hear how you are sorting the wheat from the chaff and preparing for the deep accumulation that will take place in the winter.  

Love and Light, Elaina



QuietStar's transformation, part 2

It's true.  After 11 years, we are moving.  In fact, we are re-inventing ourselves, using the powerful transformational energies that are currently available to us.

As we let go of the old space, there is so much opportunity to step into what our souls are calling for. Here is a bit of what we are up to. (More news in future blogs). 

I (Elaina) will continue to offer Soul Path Alignment (tm) sessions in person (at the new location) and on the phone.  I LOVE doing phone sessions.  If you haven't tried one, they definitely have a different energy.  I've noticed that for some reason, phone sessions often go deeper.  And you get to do it from the comfort of your own couch!  I also continue to offer energy and vibrational healing sessions, while developing my creative side.  I am writing, painting, and enjoying growing the QuietStar plant medicine in my garden.  

Bob and I are so excited about our music and sound.  We recently gave a presentation at the UnitarianBob and the Ngoni Universalist Fellowship in Cambria (with Kathy Wensloff joining us), and are planning more ways to offer our gifts to the larger community.  Bob is loving the ngoni, which he is using to lead meditation.  I have a new harmonium that I am learning to play, so I can (one day) lead Kirtan! We have a new cd in the works, and will be travelling this summer to connect with friends and family in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. We are also developing some retreats in nature.  When, you ask?  Stay tuned!!  

Bob is excited about seeing Bowen clients in the new space, being part of all the changes, and he continues to build trails and drum! 

Kathryn continues to offer counseling sessions, classes and workshops, is writing her next book, and co-creating  the Youth Center. 

Teressena and Martien are facilitating retreats, doing sessions and tarot readings at a new space in Morro Bay, painting and leading Journeys to Sacred Sites. 

Yvonne will offer private sessions at the new QuietStar space, enjoy her time in nature and with loved ones, and continue to create newsletters and website posts for us.  

Kathy W is working with Kathryn to co-create the Youth Center, continues her practice of massage and Fresh, Raw Food Prep and Training.

We look forward to all the fun we will have.  Hope you will join us!  

Love, Light, and Harmony, Elaina Geltner