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The Mother-A Meditation

by Elaina Geltner

This iris grew in my Mom's yardAs Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself pondering The Mother.  As the Archetype, as the person, as the Earth, as an energy.  As a verb:  mothering. 

It’s especially poignant to me, as I have spent the last 50+ years making sure the mother who birthed me knows that I love her.  This year it’s different as she made her transition back into Spirit a few months ago.  As we honored all that she was in her Celebration of life, I  reflect on what Mother’s Day means for me now.  Everywhere I go, there are reminders of things to buy, cards to send, places to go for brunch for Mother’s Day.  In this time of transformation, the nurturing and grounding of the Mother is more important than ever. How can we take this all to a higher frequency?

We can consider the Archetype of the Mother:  Nurturing, supportive, wanting the best for us. We’ve all had many people who have held that energy for us; and we’ve held it for our loved ones as well.  Whether or not we have physically birthed a child, we have supported others, we have created ideas, products, companies, communities, art or music. 

I invite you to create your own ceremony, your personal meditation or mandala to celebrate all the aspects of Mother.  Honor the inner Mother, the Earth Mother, your Mother, all Mothers.  Express your gratitude for all that you receive.

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Plant a flower that reminds you of her
  • Walk in nature to commune with Mother Nature
  • Create a mandala or collage with images that conjure up the Mother energy
  • Sit with your favorite music and soak in the nurturing
  • Have a play date with your inner child
  • Visit a Mother tree in the forest and notice all the offspring
  • Connect with the Moon. 
  • Honor all your creations here on Planet Earth by taking a walk down memory lane. Look through old photos and remember all that you have brought forth.
  • Do a search for Mother icons; they exist in all spiritual traditions.  Find one that resonates with you and meditate on it.


Photo by Robin Rall, QuietStar Board Member



Love and Light to all Mothers,
our Earth Mother and the Mother Energy

~Elaina Geltner, Spiritual Director,


What's my mind up to now?? 5 tips for engaging the mind to create inner peace. 

Last night, at the first meditation class, I noticed a theme.  When asked why they came, everyone wanted to get their minds to hush up!  These days, so many of us have VERY busy minds. 

So here's the first thing...telling it to shut up is not usually the best approach, although we've all tried that. The more you tell it to shut up, the more it has to say!  Instead, it "just" needs a new job.  Well, first you create the new job, then it needs re-training, through our persistent efforts!  

Here are some ideas:

1.  Ask your mind to watch your breath.  Is it different temperatures as it comes in and out? Can you get your breath all the way down to your toes?  

2.  Ask your mind to remind you of all the times (or a place where) you have felt relaxed, focused, connected to Spirit or something of the sort.  You know, it's the law of attraction.  If you can get your mind to think of those times, pretty soon you'll be relaxed, focused, connected.  You get the idea!

3. Use your mind to clear your chakras.  Using a map of the chakras as a guide, imagine breathing into each chakra, breathing in a quality you want more of.  

4.  Count your breath or your pulse.  

5.  Count down from 10 to 1 imagining you are stepping down beautiful stairs into a peaceful garden. 

Next time: how scent can bypass your conscious mind to create the energy you desire.

Until then....Love and Light, Elaina