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Memorial Day...with Joy???

posted by Elaina Geltner

As a kid, I remember how I hated Memorial Day.  The sadness, the grief, the heaviness of all the adults made it so hard for me!  As I pondered  how we can use "memory" and "remembering" to create a higher-frequency cultural experience, I realized that what we choose to focus on as we are honoring and remembering makes all the difference!  So let's take this time to honor our mentors, our loved ones, and our heroes, by focusing on how they brought light and love into our lives.  

I asked Teressena if she would choose a card from their beautiful Tarot deck for this weekend, and she chose the Three of Shells ~ Celebration!  Since she and Martien are still traveling, I get to choose what to share from their book.  Here is some wisdom that jumped out at me: 

"The 3 Queens (the conch shells) are joined by trhee dolphins. The Three of Shells invites us to immerse ourselves in the emotional aspect of joy, honoring all that is around us. "

"The spiral shape of the conch represents the spiral of life and the joy that it brings." In this time of profound transformation, I need to be reminded of the natural ebb and flow, and that surrender (instead of resistance!) is what will bring me the most joy!

"Work with the creational aspects of sound, breath and water to enter into higher states of consciousness.  Your clairaudient and clairvoyant capabilities will increase as you open up to new dimensions."  

"Become the playful dolphin jumping and dancing in the sea of love.  When you choose joy and laughter in serious times, you can lift whole masses of people out of the emotion of fear instilled by the few."

It is such an honor to be on planet Earth during such powerful times.  Thank you for joining with me in holding joy and love as we remember who we are and how deeply loved we are.

Love and Light, Elaina Geltner

P.S. I am really excited about this new Tarot deck!  I have never wanted to "read" Tarot before...but ever since I met Martien and Teressena, I've been looking forward to learning this one!  The Certification course starts June 11th, and there is a 15% discount if you register early (by May 28th).