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The HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course: How it Came to Be

Musings of Elaina Geltner...

I was pondering the upcoming HigherSelf course and remembered how much fun it was to create it!  Back in those days, I wasn’t even “the channel”.  My then-partner, Stuart, channel for the Solari Group, was the channel while I wrangled the logistics and facilitated the group exercises and writing assignments.  I had taken many mediation, spiritual and personal growth courses of the years, and together with Spirit, Stuart and I created the first HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course in Lanikai, Hawaii (Oahu) in 1990.  So, in co-creation with Spirit, we came up with concepts, questions, meditations and exercises for the class.  We were so delighted when they worked!  People found a deep connection to their HigherSelf and were able to access guidance directly. 

Probably my favorite part was all the love we felt as we called in the HigherSelves of everyone in the group!  The love was palpable ~ you could feel this circle of unconditional love surrounding the group.  I could “see” the vibration in the room rising higher and higher.  After the foundation was set with clear HigherSelf connections and the presence of the Angels, we invited in the Spirit Guides.  I still remember the party I could see “them” having. They were so excited that “their humans” could now experience them directly!

So now, 23 years and hundreds of HigherSelf students later, that celebration is still so much fun for all of us! Some things have changed:  Stuart has gone on to do other work; I am now a vocal channel; QuietStar is in San Luis Obispo; we’ve added Yvonne Roza as a facilitator; HigherSelf is even taught through tele-seminars.  And we’ve divided the original 12-week course into HigherSelf 1 and 2.  But the basic “curriculum” remains the same:  we start by building a clear connection with the HigherSelf as a foundation; do the inner work to clear out the interference, develop a daily spiritual practice, then connect with our team of non-physical helpers.

I consider this Course to be one of the greatest gifts I have been given to share.  I am honored to be part of this process with every class that comes together.  Each group is always so different!  I can’t wait to see what the next one is like!


Love and Light, Elaina Geltner

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