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Meditation: I used to think I "did it wrong"; but now...

I have been meditating forever, it seems. In my Master’s program in Transpersonal Psychology many years ago, a teacher asked: “Who meditates ‘wrong’?” Everyone raised their hand!  What I’ve discovered is that any meditation is surely better than no meditation, and I don’t think there is a “wrong” way to do it! 

The trick is to find out which techniques you like enough to do on a regular basis! I’ve been working with this, and have come up with a menu of techniques to satisfy some of those objections… If your mind needs to “help”, we’ve got things for it to do, Don’t worry if you can’t sit still...moving  meditation might be for you.  Essential oils go directly to the primitive brain and can create relaxation and spiritual connection without the conscious mind.

I believe in this time of profound change and awakening, that our ability to connect with Spirit and our deep Selves is crucial for us to follow the urgings of our Souls.  

For the first time, this Summer, I will be offering this meditation course designed for any level of experience. Hope you can join us! 

Love and Light, Elaina

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